Welcome to my world of leather!


Milla Skedebäck with a keen eye and vision of artistic expression, Milla was born in Sweden with a background in the visual arts.

She created a passion for leather over 20 years ago when she started exploring and working in the fields of Leather-craft, Saddlery and Shoe-making before advancing onto her own line of expertise in leather design and production.

The challenges to mix art with function and fashion trigged her to explore it further and she went studying design at the prestigious Cordwainer’s College in London famous for its many reputed alumni, along with becoming a member of the Master Craftsmen’s Guild in London. With experience and knowledge of the visual arts and the power of expression, Milla used her passion for the arts and the understanding of fashion to combine desire with beautiful declarations and celebrations of leather as a medium.

Art, nature, architechture, culture and people are some of Milla’s inspirations. “I initially think of an emotion, shape and silhouette when I design. All of my products has it’s own personality”

Milla also qualified as a Leather doctor from Sweden specializing in restoring damaged and unique leather furniture and other precious goods (such as car and motorcycle seating, handbags, jackets) in need of repair to bring it back to its old glory days.

Milla worked for many years as a shoe and leather clothing designer in Germany and in Sweden.

All products personally handcrafted with love by Milla.

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